Twisted Bits

target clients

Our main focus is to provide web and e-mail hosting to relatively "small" sites. What we mean by "small" is not in terms of the amount of data a site contains, but the amount of bandwidth it consumes. There are many web sites out there that consume amazing amounts of bandwidth, but for every one of those there are thousands upon thousands of sites which consume a comparatively tiny amount of bandwidth. It is those latter sites which we primarily cater to. Our network connection is guaranteed to be at least 64Kbps, and this is shared between all of our hosted clients. Although this may sound small, so far it has proven to be more than adequate for our needs. However, we do monitor the situation and if the need were to arise, we do have the ability to increase the size of this pipe in the future if we determine it has become necessary to do so. A benefit of this method of bandwidth management is that we do not artificially restrict the bandwidth for our standard plans. You will find many plans which restrict you to a certain amount of data per month, say 6GB or so. Here, you can cram as much data through our pipe as it is capable of handling, and you are free from the worry that you will go over your limit and have to pay through the nose for the additional bandwidth that you consumed. (Since most web sites don't have any way to predict how many visitors will hit their site in a particular month, with a bandwidth cap you run the risk of your site getting an abnormally large number of hits or transfers and suddenly you are over your limit through no fault of your own. Not having to worry about that might help you to sleep at night.)

If you've spent any time going through our web site, I think you'll come away with the impression that we're fair and honest; probably because that is exactly what we strive to be, first and foremost. It is for this very reason that we put together this page. If you know that your site will consume a lot of bandwidth, our hosting services may not be what you are looking for. (On the other hand, we can definitely work with you to come up with a custom plan that would give you the bandwidth you need, though to be honest, you can probably get it cheaper elsewhere.)

We have some other things going for us such as affordable pricing, generous data storage allocation, a straightforward and honest way of doing business, quick problem resolution and in general, a desire to provide quality service to our clients. We would be honored to have you join the Twisted Bits family and sincerely hope that you consider us for your web and/or e-mail hosting needs.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns we are just a quick e-mail away. Feel free to drop us a line at