E-mail and Web Hosting

pick and choose

Generally, what most people are looking for is both e-mail and web hosting (that is, an e-mail address and space for their web site), but we have separated the two services so that someone who wants an e-mail address but not a web site (or vice versa) doesn't have to pay for something they're not going to use. Also, by keeping web and e-mail service separate, rather than bundling them into one plan, you can pick and choose the e-mail and web service that will work the best for you. (For example, maybe you need a lot of web space, but you only need one e-mail address. You can choose an "upscale" web plan and the basic e-mail plan which will cost you less money than if the e-mail and web were bundled together and you had to take the upscale e-mail service along with the upscale web service.)
What most people will want to do is to pick one e-mail plan and one web plan, but if you only need one or the other, you aren't required to choose both.