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Internet domain names are disappearing at an alarming rate, due partially to folks registering domains for their own valid uses and partially to sub-human, blood-sucking vultures who hoard domain names which they think people will want badly enough to pay exorbitant fees for. If you are not quite ready for full-on web hosting but would like to reserve a domain name to be sure nobody else will take it in the meantime, you may "park" it here. When you register a domain name, Internic requires that it actually exist somewhere. By parking it with us, we will place entries in our domain name servers to satisfy Internic's requirements. The fee for this service is $3/month, or if you would like to pre-pay for an entire year, $10 ($26/year savings). Included with this service is a web page which will inform anyone who surfs to that domain that it has been reserved, and it can also contain your e-mail address (if you wish) so web surfers will be able to contact you about your domain. If at any time you decide to use your parked domain name for e-mail or web hosting with us, any balance will be applied to your account, pro-rated at the yearly fee as opposed to the domain parking fee. A couple of examples may be in order to clear any confusion: :-)

Jack parks a domain with us, and pays $10 for an entire year. After two months, he decides to set up a web site somewhere else, and wants to move the domain. Since he was not with us for the entire year, we would pro-rate his account at the monthly fee. $3/month * 2 months = $6. We would refund $4 to Jack.

Jill parks a domain with us, and pays $10 for an entire year. After two months, she decides to set up a web site with us. Rather than pro-rating at the monthly parking fee of $3/month, we would pro-rate at the yearly fee of $10. ($.83/mo) So, rather than applying $4 to Jill's account, we would apply $8.33 to her account. $0.83/month * 2 = $1.66. $10 - $1.66 = $8.33.