Domain Services

domain name registration

Although you may do it yourself if you prefer, we can register your domain for you.

If you wish to register a new domain yourself, you are certainly welcome to go to the registrar of your choice and do so. You will need to set the nameservers for the domain to the nameservers given in the list below. You do not need to input all of those nameservers, but you will need to use at least two. However, if you wish to obtain web and/or e-mail hosting or to park your domain with us, we will be happy to register your domain on your behalf. When we register your domain, we will specify you as the owner of the domain. (We will not hold your domain hostage). The cost to register a domain is $9.99 per year (we use This is not our cost, but the price that the registrar itself charges. We merely pass along this cost to you, and do not tack on any fees of our own. As usual, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to write us at