E-mail and Web Hosting

e-mail hosting plans

E-mail Hosting Plans Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Access to outgoing SMTP Server? YES YES YES YES
Number of pop3 mailboxes & e-mail addresses 1 3 5 10
POP3 Authentication Method POP, APOP POP, APOP POP, APOP POP, APOP
Can read your e-mail via the web? YES YES YES YES
Number of aliases Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Number of forwarders 1/Unlimited** 3/Unlimited** 5/Unlimited** 10/Unlimited**
Transfer limit Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
Price (Monthly Basis) $5/mo $6/mo $8/mo $10/mo
Price (Yearly Basis) $50/yr $65/yr $85/yr $110/yr
Savings if you pay yearly vs monthly $10/yr $7/yr $11/yr $10/yr
Setup Fee None None None None

Additional addresses & pop3 mailboxes beyond the Platinum plan may be purchased in blocks of 10 for $5/month per block. A 20% discount will apply if you wish to pay on a yearly basis. Example: You want 30 pop3 mailboxes. You will need to purchase the Platinum plan for $10/month which will give you 10 mailboxes. Two additional blocks of 10 addresses are $5/month each, for a total of $20/month for 30 addresses. If you wish to pre-pay for the entire year, your total cost is $192. ($20/mo * 12 months = $240, minus 20% discount = $192. You save $48/year.)

* - Unlimited if you have your own domain or sub-domain. Otherwise, none. (Click here for more information on domains and sub-domains). Basically what this boils down to is if your e-mail address is of the form you@twistedbits.net (or you@dakota-truck.net), you would have no e-mail aliases because you are sharing a domain with other users, and there would be the possibility of two users defining the same alias, or having an alias you define conflicting with the actual address of another user... However, if your address is of the form you@yourdomain.twistedbits.net (or you@yourdomain.dakota-truck.net or you@yourdomain.com), you can have unlimited e-mail aliases at that subdomain or domain. (Because you are the only user defining aliases at that domain or sub-domain, there is no chance that an alias you define will conflict with that of another user, therefore you may create as many aliases as you like).

** - If you don't have your own domain or sub-domain, you can still have a forwarder, but only one per mailbox. (Thus, with a domain or sub-domain, you could define as many addresses that forward to somewhere else as you want, but without a domain or sub-domain, you would only have one address and thus will only be able to "forward" that single address.)