Miscellaneous Info

referral incentive

This is offered as a thank-you to our loyal friends. If you refer someone to us and they sign up, [once we have received payment from them] your current service will be extended by one month. (If you were able to refer 12 people per year, you may never have to pay for your service at all!) :-)

The catch: (Well, there is no catch, per-se, but there are some caveats). :-)
Only one person can refer someone to us
It is technically possible that more than one person could refer someone to our services (for example, someone asks for a good web hosting site on a mailing list, and 5 people reply, referring that person to us). However, if we gave a free month to every such person, we'd run out of money pretty quick. :-) It will be the responsibility of the person who was referred to us to tell us who referred them to us when they sign up.

Only one domain or service will be extended
It is possible that some clients might be hosting or parking more than one domain with us. If that is the case, only one domain (or service) will be extended for a month, not all of them. An exception to this rule is if the person being referred signs up for more than one domain or service. (If they were to sign up for 3 domains, we would extend 3 of yours). If they sign up for more domains than you have, we will go through your domains, "round robin style", from the most expensive to the least, and give you a one month extension for each domain they sign up for. (For example, if we are hosting one domain for you, and you refer someone to us who signs up for 3 domains, you would get 3 free months. If we were hosting two domains for you and the person you referred signed up for 3 domains, your first domain would be extended by one month, then your second by one month, then back to your first domain, which would be extended for one month. Net result: your first domain gets extended 2 months, and your second by one.)

Most expensive first
I'll bet you thought we were going to try to go the other way. ;-) No, we're going to take the high road on this one. :-) Lets say that we are hosting a domain for you at $20/month and we are also parking a domain for you at $3/month. If you refer someone to us who signed up for one domain or service, it would be your $20/month service which would be extended. If the person were to sign up for two services, your $20/month service would be extended by a month, and your $3/month service would be extended by a month. If they signed up for three domains or services, your $20/month service would be extended for two months, and your $3/month service by one month. And so on...

We don't want to go bankrupt
We reserve the right to modify the amount of extension you receive, based on your current level of service. Ideally, the refer-er and refer-ee should be basically at similar levels of service. For example, if we were to work out a custom plan for someone for $1000/month, extending their service a month because they referred someone who parks their domain with us for $10/yr hardly seems fair. :-) If you've read this far, I think you can probably see that we want to be fair with you, so we would ask the same in return. Plus, since its our site, we get to make the rules. :-) I'm not even sure if other web hosting services offer anything like this; I certainly haven't seen one. Getting anything for free is certainly better than nothing. :-)