E-mail and Web Hosting

web hosting plans

Web Hosting Plans Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Disk Usage 200 MB 300 MB 500 MB 800 MB
Transfer limit Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
FTP (and SCP) access to update HTML? YES YES YES YES
FrontPage Extensions? NO NO NO NO
Java Servlets? YES YES YES YES
You can upload CGI programs? (C/C++, sh, perl, python) YES YES YES YES
Is PHP supported? YES YES YES YES
Access to your raw log file? YES YES YES YES
Web log analysis reports? YES YES YES YES
Price (Monthly Basis) $10/mo $12.50/mo $15/mo $20/mo
Price (Yearly Basis) $100/yr $130/yr $160/yr $220/yr
Savings if you pay yearly vs monthly $20/yr $20/yr $20/yr $20/yr
Setup Fee None None None None

Additional disk space beyond the 800 MB included in the Platinum plan may be purchased in blocks of 100 MB for $5/month per block or $50/year per block. Example: You want 1200 MB of disk space. You will need to purchase the Platinum plan for the initial 800 MB, and 4 additional blocks of 100 MB at $5/block/month, or $20/month. $20/month for the Platinum plan plus $20/month for the additional 400MB would be $40/month, or if you wish to pre-pay for the entire year, $420. ($50/year * 4 blocks = $200, plus $220/year = $420. You save $60/year.)