Miscellaneous Info

yearly rate

All services are charged based on a monthly fee, but there are price breaks available for those who are willing to pay for an entire year. However, please note that if you pay for a year in advance, but wish to discontinue service prior to the expiration of that term, your fee will be refunded, pro-rated at the monthly rate! For example, if a particular service were $10/month or $100/year, and you paid $100 for the year but wished to discontinue service after six months, you would receive a $40 refund ($100 - (6 * $10)), NOT $50! Using the same example, 10 months would be the "break even" point. If you were to leave after 11 months, you would essentially owe us $10. We will not bill you for this remainder, but by the same token, there would be no refund either... (To make a long story short, you must actually remain with us for the entire year in order to qualify for the reduced yearly rate. If you leave early, the monthly rate will apply, whether you pre-paid or not.)

The exception to this rule is if you are changing to a different plan, rather than leaving altogether. In this case, we will do exactly as described above, except that rather than charging you the monthly rate, we just divide your yearly fee by 12, multiply by the number of months you have already used, and credit your account with the remainder. For example, if you have a Bronze web account and you have paid us $100 for the year, and six months later you decide to switch to the Silver plan (which is $130/yr), rather than charging you $60 ($10/mo * 6months) for the time you have used and crediting you with $40, we would compute it as $50 ($100/yr / 12months * 6months) and credit your account with $50.