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Note: Generating the disk usage report may take a while, especially if you have a lot of data and/or many files in your directory...

This is the disk usage menu. The disk usage report will recursively travel through all of your subdirectories, and display the amount of space consumed by each directory (including all of the files in that directory). You can have the report show all of your files and directories, or just the directories. You can view this report sorted by file name or by file size, and any report can be viewed in either ascending or descending order.

The more files and directories you have, the longer it will take to generate the report. For a typical home directory, it will probably take a few seconds. Also, an "all files" report will take longer than a "directories only" report.

Your Disk Usage

File SizeFile Name
   152k    tb/menu/bak
   172k    DML Calendar/scans/dyno
   172k    DML Calendar/scans/stickers
   240k    DML Calendar/scans/hangar
   352k    tb/menu
   368k    tb
   540k    DML Calendar/scans/pullies/new
   944k    DML Calendar/scans/pullies
   2796k    DML Calendar/scans
   2944k    DML Calendar
   7956k    fp

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This is an example of what the report looks like. The above report is an example of one that is showing only directories, sorted by size, in ascending order.