Account Manager

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This document will walk you through many of the functions you can perform using the account manager. If your resolution is set too low to be able to comfortably view the screen shots, you can try making the frame to the left smaller, or click here to open this document up in a new window.

Click here to telnet to
The first thing you need to do is to connect to the server with the telnet client of your choice. If you're running Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT, you can simply go to the start menu and select "Run", then type "telnet" into the box and hit enter. (You can also run telnet the same way from a command prompt.) The telnet client included with Windows is pretty minimal and can be a bit frustrating at times, so many people prefer to use a different one. (Many are available from TuCows.) We have found Tera Term Pro (freeware) to be an excellent choice. It should also be noted that if you connect to the account manager using the default telnet client, your connection will be "insecure". If you'd prefer an encrypted connection, you'll need to use a telnet client which supports SSH. More detail on this topic is available in the Security section of this manual. Note that if we are hosting a domain or subdomain for you, you can also telnet to that domain or subdomain to access the account manager.

 _____        _    _          _   ___ _ _
|_   _|_ __ _(_)__| |_ ___ __| | | _ |_) |_ ___
  | | \ V  V / (_-<  _/ -_) _` | | _ \ |  _(_-<
  |_|  \_/\_/|_/__/\__\___\__,_| |___/_|\__/__/
 ___     _                    _     ___              _           
|_ _|_ _| |_ ___ _ _ _ _  ___| |_  / __| ___ _ ___ _(_)__ ___ ___
 | || ' \  _/ -_) '_| ' \/ -_)  _| \__ \/ -_) '_\ V / / _/ -_|_-<
|___|_||_\__\___|_| |_||_\___|\__| |___/\___|_|  \_/|_\__\___/__/

Welcome!  Please enter your usercode and password to log in.  If you are having 
difficulty, please consult for help.

twisted login:  tb1

After using the telnet program of your choice to connect to the account manager, you'll see a login screen similar to the above. Enter your usercode and password to log in.

                  Welcome to Twisted Bits Internet Services!

  /--------------------[ DISK SPACE AND ACCOUNT STATUS ]---------------------\ 
  |   Max:  400MB            Your usercode: tb1             Date: 06/01/2000 | 
  |  Used:   75MB         Web account plan: Platinum     Expires: 09/01/2001 | 
  | Avail:  325MB      E-mail account plan: Bronze       Expires: 06/01/2001 | 
  | Please type the number which corresponds to the action you wish to take: | 
  |                                                                          | 
  |  [ 1 ] Change Password                                                   | 
  |                                                                          | 
  |  [ 2 ] View Disk Useage                                                  |  
  |                                                                          | 
  |  [ 3 ] Edit e-mail aliases and forwarders                                | 
  |                                                                          | 
  |  [ 4 ] Exit (Log Out)                                                    | 
  |                                                                          | 
  | Questions?  Problems?  Comments?  Please contact | 

What'll it be, John? -->

When you have successfully logged in, you will see the main menu of the account manager.

Across the top, the account manager displays some information regarding the status of your account. To the left is the status of your disk space. "Max:" is your currently allocated disk space. "Used:" is the amount of space you're currently using, and of course, "Avail:" is the amount of space you've got left before you run out. In the example above, this user has 400MB allocated to them. They're using 75MB, so they have 325MB available.

In the middle, your usercode is displayed, along with your current web plan and e-mail plan.

To the right is the current date, and the dates when your web and e-mail plans expire. (Note: The server's clock is on Eastern Standard Time, so if you live in a different time zone, it is possible that the date might display incorrectly. For example, a user in California who logs in on January 1st at 9:00pm PST would notice that the date says its January 2nd. That's because it is January 2nd... in the Eastern time zone.)

The main portion of the menu shows what options are available to you. To choose a particular option, type its number, and hit enter.
Change password
This allows you to change your user password.
Click here for more information & instructions.
View disk usage
The disk status in the top part of the menu shows your total disk usage, it doesn't let you know exactly what files or directories are consuming that space. That's what this option is for.
Click here for more information & instructions.
Edit e-mail aliases and forwards
This option will allow you to set up incoming e-mail aliases and outgoing forwarding addresses for your domain or sub-domain. (This option will only work for those people who have their own domain or subdomain hosted with us.)
Click here for more information & instructions.
Exit (Log Out)
This will cause you to exit the account manager and log out of the system.